Flat screen video presentations in customer waiting and service areas promote knowledge about your company. AMP creates professional powerpoint templates for events and client presentationsAMP provides complete website design, content development, or more simple customizations that include original creation and integration of custom web banner graphics and imageryAMP provides the email template, you control the messaging. Email marketing is an easy and cost-effective method to maintain customer contact.Social media planning and integration with creation of cover photos, and icon imagery that reflects and supports existing company graphics

Take advantage of multiple methods to connect with your customers.

Today's successful companies use the full range of interactive marketing tools available to them.


Email Marketing

  • A cost-effective way to reach your growing list of customers
  • Analyze data to determine the effectiveness of specific promotions and campaigns
  • On-demand advertising speaks to a niche audience
  • Email template creation so you're in control of the message


Social Media

  • Integration of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter promotes consistent message
  • Create a company profile within a soft-sell environment
  • Promote charitable or community-based initiatives


Customer-facing Media Development

  • Creation of electronic letterhead for internal communications
  • Email newsletters for customers or employees
  • On-hold messaging, radio spots, video presentations for customer waiting areas
  • Powerpoint templates and presentations